Adults Coming Together Socialising

Contact the group organizers if you would like to join in our activities.

Upcoming Events

31/12/14 - Dinner and Dance at The Pines, Wgtn
10/01/15 - Robyn's Birthday BBQ in Belmont
31/01/15 - Picnic and Walk in Wilton
21/02/15 - Wairarapa Winery Tour

About the Organizers

Robyn and Brendan McErlean have been running the group together since 2002 when they were both singles. After getting married in 2003, they felt called to continue running the group, and believe that this is still the case today.
Brendan and Robyn live in Belmont and fellowship at the Hope Centre, Lower Hutt.

Contact for Further Info

Brendan & Robyn McErlean
Cell Ph: 021 103-9790

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